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Edgefield United Methodist Church

Edgefield Methodism is probably as old as Edgefield. Circuit riders conducted services at Edgefield Court House in the late 1790s. The first Edgefield Methodist Church was at Pottersville, one mile north of the present town limits.

On 18 September 1827, Daniel Bird and Benjamin Tutt, as Trustees, were conveyed the Methodist Church property at Pottersville in a deed from Dr. Abner Landrum. In 1831, the congregation moved closer to town, building a church on Buncombe Street on the northern edge of the property of the Adams-Mims home. On 21 May 1841, Rev. Joseph Moore, an aged Methodist preacher, donated land to nine trustees. This property, which already had a meeting house on it, is where the present church now stands. On his death, Rev. Moore left in his will his entire estate to  Edgefield Methodist Church. He is buried at Willowbrook Cemetery. Rev. Joseph Moore’s portrait hangs in the educational building of the present Methodist church. In 1891, the present sanctuary was built to replace the former frame structure. In 1981, a fire destroyed the educational building and severely damaged the sanctuary. The present educational building and the restoration of the sanctuary were completed in 1982.

309 Norris Street
Edgefield, SC 29824


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