Our History

10 Governors

Are Edgefield's ten governors real native sons, or men adopted to support an extravagant claim? To answer this question one must delve considerably into facts that are sometimes illusive; but from the research, these ten Edgefield statesmen emerge well defined. 


Murders and Mayhem

Since before Edgefield was officially a town, it has been known for violence and scandal. From infamous murderess Betty Cotton to duels on the courthouse steps, we've outlined some of the most notorious events in Edgefield history and the characters behind them.


General Edgefield History

Here you will find overall information about how Old Edgefield was formed, from European Settlement to present day.



Over 200 hundred years ago, hands toiled in the earth here and formed the first successful production of stoneware in the Southeast. Fast forward to today, and our local pottery is one of the most sought after art forms in the country. Here you will find articles on the how, why, and who of Old Edgefield Pottery.