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Edgefield First Baptist Church

It was first known as the Edgefield Village Baptist Church and the first service in the new church was held on Saturday, 19 April 1823.

There was an interesting story found in the old records about the first church service: the contractor who built the church was supposed to deliver the keys when he was finished for an agreed sum of money. Before the church was built, preaching was done in the Court House. The first pastor was Rev. Basil Manly. The last service in the old building was held on Wednesday night, 18 September 1888. The next day it was torn down and a brick building was put in its place. On 25 June 1913, lightning struck the second church’s steeple and burned the church to the ground. Construction on the current church building was begun in 1914. Dr. R. G. Lee was pastor from 1918 to 1921 and is considered one of the most beloved preachers in America. His sermon, “Pay-Day – Some Day” written in Edgefield in 1919 became perhaps the most famous sermon ever preached. Before his death, he delivered the sermon 1,275 times and over 8,000 people professed faith in Christ in response to it. His portrait hangs in the Prayer Chapel.

212 Church Street
Edgefield, SC 29824


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