Edgefield County Courthouse

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Edgefield County Courthouse

The centerpiece of the Courthouse Square is the Edgefield County Courthouse.The site of the courthouse for Edgefield County was first chosen in 1785 when the County of Edgefield was established. 

The original courthouse was located in the center of the Public Square. A second courthouse built in 1809 was constructed of brick. Finally, the present courthouse was completed in 1839. Although it was not designed by Robert Mills, it was certainly “inspired” by him as it was designed and constructed by his longtime protégé, Charles Beck. Mills’ most famous building is the Washington Monument. The current courthouse was the site of many conflicts, duels, shootouts and even murders. Notice the chimneys, whose fireplaces once illuminated the courtroom (they are no longer in use). Group tours can view the interior by appointment when court is not in session. Several 19th century artifacts from the courthouse, including the Clerk of Court’s desk, the Jury Box, and the Prisoner Dock, are on display at the Tompkins Library in the Trailing Your Ancestors Exhibit.

124 Courthouse Square
Edgefield, SC 29824


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